How to write regularly?

A few days ago, I asked a question on Twitter to the writers who write consistently – a blog post, a Twitter thread, or anything.

Hello writers 👋
What advice would you give to someone who wants to write every day but they don’t know what to write about? How do you get past this hurdle of having no topic to write about?

I got some interesting answers, and I thought I would document it here for myself and for others to find it.

Here are all the solutions and ideas I received

  1. Read more to write more.
  2. Start writing about your feelings. May it be about a parrot you just saw or an overflowing bucket.
  3. Journal every day. Write about what you’re grateful for, what you hope to achieve today etc.
  4. Use Twitter to share snippets of what you know. Based on the multiple snippets and responses you receive, build a full-fledged post.
  5. Write small and write facts. Emotions can get difficult to express (when you do it every day). Instead, share your hacks at work, project case studies etc.
  6. Maintain a topic list as and when the epiphany happens. A blank page can be daunting. Having a topic/s helps you avoid procrastination and gives you a kick-start.
  7. Try activities like 100-days-of-writing. Take one-word topic (e.g. Happiness) and write something about it. The size of the post is irrelevant.
  8. Don’t try to perfect your writing. Simply write and post till you get habituated to writing every day.
  9. Write 'Weeknotes'. I've been following a few folks who write weekly notes regularly. For those who find it difficult to journal everyday, this might be a good alternative.


  1. Books:
  2. Blog articles:
  3. Essays:

I still don’t write every day, but I found myself writing more often than earlier by following a few of the techniques above. All those who are in the same boat, hope you take away a thing or two from this. If this ends up helping you write more, I would love to hear about it.