The productivity tools money can't buy

A screenshot of a to do app that lists four tools money can't buy

I've spent countless hours in quest of the "perfect" productivity app. Eventually, when I find one, I invest a lot of efforts in creating the perfect "structure and workflow" to follow. I want to make sure, that our email, Slack message, voice note, important article, and everything I come across is automatically added to the list.

Now, I've gathered so much "work" to do, that the whole app feels like a dump yard. Yet again... this app doesn't "feel right" and I move to the "next big thing" in the market. By now, days have gone by, the 'Get Things Done' initiative has turned into 'Don't get things done', and I have fallen a victim to Placebo Productivity.

I recently realised that the most powerful productivity tools can't be bought with money. They are – clear mind, good sleep, fit body, and discipline. If these are in your toolbox, you wouldn't care if you write your tasks in Things 3 or a post-it note that you can't find the next day.

If I haven't slept well, I can't focus well. If I've a 'tech neck', I can't be at my best. If I'm not disciplined, I'll procrastinate. If I start my day with social media or similar distractions, I'll have unclear mind.

So, a lesson learnt – before jumping to the next-cool-productivity-tool, fine-tune your mind, fix your sleep schedule, be physically fit, and be disciplined.