Type to Siri

Me: "Hey Siri, do (something)"
Siri: "Sorry, could you say that again?"

Although the above situation has improved over the years, the "Hey Siri" on any Apple device (except the Watch) is not something I feel comfortable repeating throughout the day; especially when I'm not confident in its ability to understand my dialect, and solve my query.

Instead, I prefer 'Type to Siri' feature especially on my MacBook. Keyboard is the primary interaction device with your Mac and that's why typing fits perfectly well with the workflow. Typing also ensures that the input is accurately given and understood which may not be the case with voice (especially with Siri).

I type to Siri for setting timers, alarms, and reminders. Noting ad-hoc requests and reminders, setting Pomodoro timer while working, setting timers during design critique or other meetings are some of the ways I use it. It's helpful when you've to repeat it multiple times a day.

Here's the workflow without Siri (voice or type):

  1. Pick up phone
  2. Go to control center > Timers
  3. Set a custom timer (includes changing the digits)
  4. Put the phone down
  5. Get back to my laptop

Here's the workflow with Siri:

  1. Siri shortcut (I currently use ctrl + i)
  2. Type "Set timer for 40 min" or "Remind me to take medicines in 30 min" or "Follow-up with (someone) for (some inputs) tomorrow"

For the workflow, I used phone as a device because I don't remember using 'Timers' i.e. 'Clock' app on my Mac before.

If timers and reminders are your way of working, and you don't want to rely on yet another app, just type to Siri.

Read this MacOS user guide to enable the feature.