Different personalities on a Zoom call

Hide the pain harold photo holding a mug in his hand givng a fake smile

  • The active spectator: I’m here to mark my presence. I’ll speak at the beginning of the call to say hi and at the end of it to say bye.
  • The inactive spectator: I’ll be here. I’ll listen to everything but make sure I won’t say a word because I believe you all can add better value than me.
  • The introvert spectator: I’m here. I see everything that’s happening. I see few wrong things being done or said. But, I’m an introvert. By the time I pull up all the energy to speak up, everyone has said goodbye and I’m the only one left on a call.
  • The ambiverts: I’ll mark my presence by speaking in between, I’ll drop in some comments in the chat; sometimes irrelevant. You will know I was in the call.
  • The Chandler: I’ll always try and find some joke in every situation and try to make everyone laugh. Sometimes it’s just me who laughs but doesn’t matter. I’ll continue doing what I’m doing.
  • The UI Nazi: Hey, you’ve picked a wrong shade from the 50 shades of grey. It’s #f3f3f3 and not #fef2f1. Also, why this doesn’t look like Notion?
  • The data Nazi: Do you’ve a data to backup your hypothesis? How do you plan to measure the success of your designs?
  • The question bank (state): I’ll go last.
  • The question bank (central): I’ll go first and not let anyone ask anything.
  • The overlap-er: No, what I am saying is more important. I’ll probably repeat what you were saying but it’s better that I say it.
  • The queue-breaker: Hey, I know you raised your hand first but I’ll go first.
  • The time-keeper: You probably don’t care but TIME CHECK PLEASE?
  • Time time-keeper supporter: … types “Time Check” in the chat
  • The one who won’t come to the point: Hey, so what I was actually trying to ask you is something that I spoke with the PM yesterday where he mentioned I should talk to you but I wasn’t sure who is the decision maker here. When you worked on this, did you talk to the PM that I spoke with about what I’m going to ask you right now…
  • The toggle-er: Unmutes.. Hey… no no you go ahead. I’ll go later. Mutes. Unmutes.. Mutes… Unmutes… mutes… Unmutes.. hey thanks! I actually forgot what I was going to ask
  • The thinker: Yeah I hear you. Let me think… [1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s… 20s… 30s] yeah I don’t have any concrete answer right now. Let me get back to you.
  • The garage person: Hey, can we park it for now?
  • The omnipresent one: hey, sorry previous meeting rolled over. Tell me.. what did I miss? [Listens for 2 mins]. Yeah cool cool. I need to drop off for another meeting. I’ll get back on this later. Remind me?
  • The offline person: Hey, can we take this offline?
  • The social media person: Oh hey, looks like Adobe came up with the generative AI stuff too. I gotta share it with everyone.
  • The one on the mute: … … … … … hey sorry I was on mute. Can you hear me now?
  • The internet-issue person: He… ryone.. let … shar… … creen…
  • The one with fillers: hey mmm… I mmm actually I have kind of thought about mmm.. thought about it yesterday.. I have I guess some ideas may be I’ll share you can give me your thoughts mmmm actually wait…
  • The appreciator: This is AMAZING!!!!! You’re killing it team… go go go…
  • The internet-issue person: [Randomly appears. and become the overlap-er] Hey sorry I’ve net issues. Not sure how much you heard but I’ll shar… myscreenagainletmekn… it…
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